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We Take Care of Your Insurance

We know it's often hard to figure out how to determine what type of coverage you should get and which benefits roll along with it - Let us show you how.

And Bring Solutions to Business

And, since it's important to identify the risks you face, Barrett Insurance Services provides the right solutions, with top-rated carriers, at the best price. 

Barrett Insurance Services professionals are your business and insurance specialists!

Barrett Insurance Services  was founded by Robert Barrett in 1955 becoming the first Hispanic Commercial Insurance Agency in San Antonio.        "We have always been advocates for business in San Antonio and South Texas, and proud to honor our small business roots and the challenges we all face."

Barrett Insurance has grown and changed along with San Antonio, too. Robert Barrett insured much of Hemisphere during the construction phase in 1968 as his son, Dan Barrett, did during the expansion in 1995. Dan Barrett continues the tradition of  Barrett Insurance Servicesstarted by his father in 1955. 

Some of the Benefits You Will Enjoy Include:

Knowledge Base

  • 40 Years Experience, Strong Relationships
  • Top-tier solutions and services, Insurance priced right
  • Knowledgeable insurance professionals
  • Personal account manager
  • Free business consultations
  • Life insurance ALWAYS explained to your satisfaction
  • Special business packages
  • LegalGuard Plus!

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