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Barrett Insurance Services

55 Million Americans Face Legal Issues Annually -
And Then There Is
Identity Theft ...

No matter how you cut it, Insurance inexpensively protects you from
"The Gotcha’s”!

* Legal Insurance guarantees that your Attorney is in-place from advice & contract to lawsuits. Services are prepaid, fully available, professionally capablea phone call away!
Identity Theft Insurance ensures comprehensive fraud monitoring, identity restorationunlimited consultation, activity alerts, member & spouse covered, credit report, score & analysis, and lost wallet assistance to name a few.

* Barrett Insurance Services continues to serve
San Antonio & Texas — for 40 years!


Automobile Accident l Contracts
l Secure Home
Mortgage / Refinance l Divorce
Speeding Ticket / Traffic Violation l Prepare Will l Spouse Dies Without a Will l Marriage   Contract l Identity Theft l Child Support l Inherited Property File Bankruptcy l Small Claims Arrest or Detained by Police Set up A Trust l Executor of Parent’s Estate l Child Adoption Home or Apartment Lease l Are Subpoenaed l Accidental Injury Child Support l Creditor Legal Action l Tenant Sues l Property Damage In Storage l Challenge A Will l Dog Bite