Why Choose Barrett Insurance Services

Celebrating 60 years of experience creating Insurance and Network Solutions tailored to fit your needs

Barrett Insurance Services has specialized in commercial and employee benefits in Texas since 1958. For 60 years, we have provided business solutions, business insurance, and risk retention & management solutions to thousands of clients from large municipalities school districts.

  • HDHP Solution to reduce out of pocket employee hospital and health expenses and deductibles
  • Health Insurance (Fully-Funded, Self-Funded, Partially Self-Funded with Reference Based Pricing)
  • Exclusive PBM (Pharmacy) program with a potential savings of $250,000 per 1000 employees
  • Onsite, individual concierge service with one-on-one enrollment option
  • Options for debt relief for employees that have balance bills from reference based pricing
  • Turn-key enrollment system with national systems
  • Exclusive access to Proprietary Health Insurance Networks for hospitals with thousands of physicians in network
  • MEC product option - cost effective solution – Averaging less than $30 a month for employer
  • Super-Sized (3X) exclusive life insurance program for employees due to unforeseen work site violence (active shooter)
  • Turn-key Onsite Clinic for employers- offering access to immediate healthcare for employees and reducing healthcare claims and overall spend
  • Wellness product and program offerings to further reduce overall healthcare costs

We would be honored to sit down with you and discuss any of the products listed above to save your district money. Dedicating precious capital resources to your students.